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Selling by Fixed Price - The Hansens
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Selling by Fixed Price

Selling Your Home with a FIXED PRICE

The Hansens your local area speclisst

  • Correctly priced, selling a house with a fixed price will attract a lot of interest, and can generate multiple offers resulting in a premium sale price
  • The fixed price may make it easier for purchasers to determine if the property is within reach, but likewise will attract a narrower range of buyers
  • You are obliged to set your maximum price before testing the market
  • It removes a sense of urgency
  • You may risk setting too high a price and frighten off potential purchasers
  • You could price your property too low and risk underselling it
  • Purchasers may discount the property without inspecting it, by judging it solely on the price
  • Generally, buyers will expect to pay less than the asking price

Gary and Elizabeth Hansen are the team to guide you through the choices for selling your home.

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